Georgia Carpet Restoration Program Details

As one of the largest carpet retailers in the industry, Georgia Carpet Industries is proud to offer a restoration program that is specifically designed for restoration companies. By utilizing Itel reports and providing comparable prices, we have the best recommendations for project managers. Our Restoration program has an easy-to-follow 5 star selling system that matches up with Itel to make all your flooring selections within budget. 1 star = builder or base grade, 2 stars = average minus, 3 stars = average, 4 stars = average plus, and 5 stars = premium. Whether a home or commercial space has been affected by natural disaster or just needs restoring, we have flooring options that fit all your needs. Our partnership with Shaw gives contractors/project managers a preset program that is easy to follow at great prices. In addition to exclusive Shaw products, we can fulfill any custom order.  We have access to almost every kind of flooring available to the United States flooring market.  This program will allow restoration companies to save a minimum cost of 20-40% on flooring vs using a local store. We also do custom orders and offer additional services, such as file warranty or damage claims, that make the whole process easier. Among our additional services, we can calculate seams, edges, and cut/trim flooring to size by room. We also have nationwide shipping and detailed labeling for shipments, so you know exactly where to install. While we do not have direct installation services, we can help you find some of the best installers in your area. Our program is great for minimizing waste and getting the best deal possible. Georgia Carpet Restoration is here to make your job easier. We are the flooring experts that help you save money and provide outstanding customer service.  We would take care of all your flooring needs before, during and after the installation process.

Highlights of our Restoration Program:


  • You can save between 20% to 40% on product cost

  • Our restoration program is structured based on Itel’s ratings

  • We partnered with Shaw, biggest flooring company, and created exclusive line

  • We can provide flooring for both commercial and residential projects

  • In addition to Shaw products, we have access to any flooring products

  • Our Website is designed as a resource center for you and your customers

  • We can help make job site calculations if you provide us with your measurements

  • We can ship to job sites from any of the 29 Shaw distribution centers nationwide

  • We can pack and label products by room for easy installation (upon request)

  • We would help to file and follow up any regular claim and warranty claims for you or for your customers

  • We don't offer installation services, but we can help you find a crew if you need it.

  • We offer excellent customer service to you and your customers